"Automate, Streamline, Optimize"

Business Automation

NCS Business Automation help businesses to automate their workflow, processes, management, administrations and operations in order to lower costs, increase productivity and improve efficiency.

Management Software

NCS Custom Software help businesses to design, develop and implement custom management software systems thats tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the organization and management.

Forms and Records

NCS Forms help businesses to reduce paperwork by transforming their forms, records and documents into an electronic format that’s accessible from a centralized cloud system via desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Web Services

NCS Web Services help businesses with their online presence through custom web design, online services, web applications, website management, web hosting, online marketing, reputation management and more.

IT Solutions

NCS IT Solutions help businesses to plan, manage and maintain their IT infrastructure ranging from digital devices to data storage, software, emails, networking, security, server maintenance and more.

Construction and Trades

NCS Construction is a fully customized management system designed to manage projects, employees, safety, materials, contractors, costs and much more. Our objective is to save time, lower costs and increase productivty.

About NumaCorp

For almost 20 years, NumaCorp has helped our clients to understand, develop and implement digital solutions and technologies to help improve their management and operations. Our goal is simple, we want use technology to lower costs, increase productivity, decrease waste and increase efficiency by streamlining and automating the business.

As a fully integrated IT consulting, development and service provider, NumaCorp offers Website Services, Electronic Forms and Document Solutions, Custom Software Solutions, Business Automation Solutions, IT Solutions and Business Continuity Solutions. We also provide industry specific solutions and software systems for Construction, HVAC, Earthworks, Auctions, Auto Dealerships and Media Services.

We have always prided ourselves as a relationship based service provider and every one of our consultants and project managers can help you to achieve your business objectives through a hands-on approach to project planning, design, development, implementation, training and support.

Contact us to see how we can help improve your business.