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Specializing in Management and Automation

NumaCorp specializes in custom management software and business automation solutions for construction and trades. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry, business, and management allow us to help clients to streamline and automate their entire business from the field to the back office.

Working with clients of various sizes and specializations, we have deployed solutions ranging from complete ERPs to custom project management, safety compliance, equipment management, human resource, estimating, digital forms, reports, mobile apps, and more.

With 20 years of industry-leading experience and expertise, we look forward to helping your business to streamline and automate through custom management software and a strategic automation plan.

Streamline. Optimize. Automate.

Project Management

Equipment Management

Safety and Compliance

Client Relations Management

Human Resources Management

Forms, Records, and Documents

Cost Control Management

Estimating and Sales Management

Reporting and Oversight

Industry Leaders with Over 20 Years of Experience

Benefits and Advantages

Every business is unique, and you need an equally unique system. See how a customized management and automation system can help to streamline and optimize your operations and management.

  • Reduce Labor and Operating Cost
  • Improve Employee Productivity
  • Lower Cost of Employee Management
  • Reduce Paperwork and Data Entry
  • Increase Price Competitiveness
  • Streamline Operations and Management
  • Centralize Management and Control
  • Increase Compliance and Accountability
  • Reduce Administrations and Overhead
  • Reduce Human Errors and Waste

Hands-on Planning. Development. Implementation. Training. Support.

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Why Go Custom?

  • Going custom means never having to comprise the things that makes your business unique. The way you work, the way you operate and the way you manage.
  • Custom software is based on your structure, management, operations, workflow and processes. It works exactly the way you want rather than forcing you to adapt.
  • One size doesn't fit all. Every business is unique, so a standard off the shelf system can't delivery the exact functions and feature you require.
  • Custom development means that every aspect of the system is fully integrated and centralized compared to multiple systems by different developers.
  • With custom software, you own your system which means you're in control. With off the shelf systems, you are at the mercy of the developers.
  • Because custom software is unique to your business, it gives you a strategic advantage against competitors using generic systems.
  • Your project management and development team provides hands-on service, training and support that no packaged system can match.
  • A custom system grows, changes and expands to help you adapt to the marketplace, to technological changes and to continually improve the business.

Custom Built. Perfect Fit. No Compromise.

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