Management and Automation Technologies: Construction, Industry and Trades

NumaCorp - Assessment

Assessment Form

Question 1: Compared to competitors in your industry, would you rate your adoption and utilization of management and automation technologies to be:

Question 2: Would you consider your business to be digital and automated or manual and paper based?

Question 3: What technologies do you currently utilize?

Question 4: Do you currently utilize any management or automation software in the following areas:

Forms and Records:
Project Management:
Scheduling and Timecard:
Safety and Compliance:
HR/Employee Management:
Inventory Management:
Sales and Estimating:
Equipment Management:
Document Management:
Accounting and Finances:

Question 5: Which of the following business areas or departments do you want to improve, streamline or automate?

Administrations (please describe):
Accounting and Finance (please describe):
Sales and Estimating (please describe):
HR/Employee Management (please describe):
Safety and Compliance (please describe):
Forms and Records (please describe):
Document Management (please describe):
Project Management (please describe):
Scheduling and Timecard (please describe):
Inventory Management (please describe):
Equipment Management (please describe):
Other (please describe):

Question 6: In general, how would you like to improve your business, management, operations, workflow? What are some areas of concern?

Business Name:
Number of Employees: